About Us

A & S Travel Center, Inc. is a full service travel agency specializing in Corporate and Group Travel Management.
We manage travel for 100 corporations throughout the United States

Our Operating Philosophy and Commitment to you:  asta

A&S Travel Center belongs to ASTA, the American Society of Travel Agents, and adheres to the principles of ASTA’s code of ethics and guidelines. We insist on competence, fair dealing and high integrity. What this means to you is that we will always work with your best interests at heart and that we will strive to provide the best and most memorable tour, cruise and vacation experience possible.

Meet the Owner

eric2Eric Ardolino, a 32 year industry veteran, has been an ASTA member since 1982.
A&S Travel Center, Inc. was founded in 1981. The agency focuses primarily on corporate travel and does a high volume ski, golf, and cruise business.
Mr. Ardolino received his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1972, and is a certified specialist in 20 plus travel related fields including Australia. In addition, he has served on many advisory boards including SABRE and Manhattan Suites. He was a 20 year resident of Wallingford, Connecticut, and is a member of the Wallingford Chamber of Commerce.




AccuracyASTA members will be factual and accurate when providing information about their services and the Services of any firm they represent. They will not use deceptive practices.

DisclosureASTA members will provide in writing, upon written request, complete details about the cost, restrictions, and other terms and conditions, of any travel service sold, including cancellation and service fee policies.

ResponsivenessASTA members will promptly respond to their clients complaints.

RefundsASTA members will remit any undisputed funds under their control within the specified time limit. Reasons for delay in providing funds will be given to the claimant promptly.

CooperationASTA members will cooperate with any inquiry conducted by ASTA to resolve any dispute involving consumers or another member.

Confidences ASTA members will not use improperly obtained client lists or other confidential information obtained from an employee’s former employer.

ConfidentialityASTA members will treat every client transaction confidentially and not disclose any information without permission of the client, unless required by law.

AffiliationASTA members will not falsely represent a person’s affiliation with their firm.

Conflict of interestASTA members will not allow any preferred relationship with a supplier to interfere with the interests of their clients.

Compliance ASTA members shall abide by all federal, state and local laws and regulations.